Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lib Dem/Tory shambles over Constitution and Post Office Policy!!!

The lengthy Council Assembly on Wednesday really showed the Lib Dems in their true light!

On the issue of the Constitution they were all over the place, again ignoring the fact that the proposed changes should have gone to the Standards Board first. It is quite clear hwta they now thing of Council procedures!

Next a silly montion on Post Offices, I am sure that most of them were unaware of the Lib Dem policy to privatise the post office and some looks a bit shocked!

Lastly a disgusting motioin to kick off Cllr Danny McCarthy as Chair of the Community Council, after giving him earlier assurances that this would not happen.

The vicious vindictiveness was even too much for some Lib Dems who left the room for the vote and others whose arms were dragged up to vote it through! I think that some of the Lib Dems are wondering what they are doing in that party and that can only increase over time. They have a very interesting AGM coming up in May!

Hibs continue on their up and down season. I went to the London Hibs Burns Night on Saturday which was good as ever and hope to be more involved with the group this year? Picture shows Guest of Honour Bobby Duncan recieving a tankard.