Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 1 at Labour Party Conference in Brighton 2009 - A Delegates Eye View!

Day1 at Labour Party Conference - I arrived yesterday on a beautiful day in Brighton, booked in to the Hotel and made my to the Brighton Conference Centre for the 2pm Opening.
The Key Theme was Operation Fightback and the need to put to the County the clear choice between managing the economic recovery whilst defending all that we have achieved over the past 12 years and the savage cuts and austerity promised by the Tories and Lib Dems!
Ed Milliband made a real rousing speech laying out key Manifesto Policy areas and the stark choiced that the UK electorate will have.
Douglas Alexander talked about Campaigning and highlighted the 3 key areas detailed in the picture opposite.
Basic hard work contacting as many pe3ople as possible and making our Campaining relevant to local people was the key.

There was a Q&A with Gordon Brown chaired by Harriet with PPC's on stage.
Camberwell and Peckham's submitted motion on Rights for Interpreters in the British Army was not chosen as Contemporary Motion to be debated at Conference so my chance to speak at Conference probably gone!!
I voted for our motion of course and for motions on Housing and Public services and the 4 Contemporary Motions chosen were:
Employment Right, Housing, Manufacturing, Public Services and School Meals.
I was actually interviewed by IOSH for their You Tube site so that should be posted later today!
My interview by IOSH at the Labour Party Conference is now on YouTube at about my Fish Farm Placement!
The evening was spent at 3 Receptions, The Gibralter Ambassador, The British Legion and RSPCA.

Day 2 begins with debate on the Economy and Sustainable Communities!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Me and Mel, Academic Year looms, Theatre week, Brighton calling and Hibs get back on winning track!!

We had a Birthday lunch at work yesterday celebrating 3 Birthday's and I was given this Cartoon which irrefutably proves the family link between me and Mel Gibson, need I say any more!!!!
Work is busy with preparations for the start of the new Academic year and all things going well on Health & Safety, Environment, Business Continuity, Swine Flu and Campus Watch fronts!!

I had a good week of culture going to the Globe to see Troilus and Cressida and following it up on Wednesday with a visit to "An Inspector Calls" a play I did at St. Augustines High School in Edinburgh many years ago!!
Excellent plays and performances all round. Plan to do more Matinee Theatre visits in the future as I have the taste back again!

I am off to Brighton on Sunday for the Labour Party Annual Conference for the first time and I am the Camberwell & Peckham Delegate to boot!!
I am staying at the Brighton Hotel and am looking forward to getting totally immersed in Conference and hope to write a daily Blog with my experiences at Conference IT permitting!!

The Hotel Brighton looks nice so looking forward to spending 4 nights there!

Hibs had a good 3-0 win at home to St. Johnstone with Stokes scoring 2 and looking like he is getting back into the groove! Good result after the poor defeat to Hamilton so lets hope it continues!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fantastic Southwark Labour Party Conference, Brighton, the West End and Hibs tripped up!!

The Southwark Labour Party Conference on Saturday was another fantastic day with over 100 Party Members and great speeches from Harriet, Val, Steve Reed and Ed Milliband!
We are all prepared and positive about the elections in 2010 and delivering a Labour Council and a Labour Forth Term ! The prospect of the nightmare scenario of a Cameron Government and a Lib Dem/Tory Council alongside Boris at City Hall is too horrible to contemplate without thoughts of taking your own life!!! We just cant allow that to happen can we!!!!
I am out Campaigning in South Camberwell this weekend as taking all 3 seats there is a vital part of our strategy so vitally important to us!!
I am now all sorted for the Labour Party Annual Conference and looking forward to it as the Camberwell & Peckham Delegate!! Going to be at the Brighton Hotel from Sunday til Thursday!!
Packing my bucket and spade but probably stuck in the Conference Hall for most of the time!!

I have a good theatre week this week with Troilus and Cressida at the Globe Theatre on Sunday and An Inspector Calls on Wednesday

Hibs bubble well and truly burst on Sunday with Nish sent off, Riordan missing a penalty and going down 2-0 to bottom team Hamilton Accies!!!

Time to regroup for St.Johnstone at home on Saturday!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Southwark Labour Party Conference and Hibs sign Liam Miller!!

Looking forward to the Third Annual Southwark Labour Party Conference tomorrow at the Beomund Centre with Guest Speakers Ed Milliband and Steve Reed. Of course Val, Tessa and Harriet will be there as well as many Southwark Councillors and members so should be a good day preparing for the General and Council Elections in 2010!!

On the Hibs front they have signed ex- Celtic and Man Utd. Midfielder Liam Miller on a 2 year contract. He was a fantastic young player at Celtic and floundered at Manchester but hopefully he can revive his career and alongside other Irish signing Anthony Stokes it looks like some very shrood buying from Yogi Hughes building up a strong squad to get us through a long hard season which has always been our failing in the past. He has cleared out some of the deadwood and looks like he is building a good mix of youth and experience!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dungeness, Belfast, Giants Causeway, Brighton and Scotland out of World Cup!!

After my break in Edinburgh and St. Andrews I went away again at the weekend to Broadstairs with Shauna and back to my fast becoming favourite wilderness of Dungeness!!
There is something very quirky and appealing about the place and I cant keep away from it!!

Then off to Belfast for the USHA Autumn Conference and a fantastic trip to Giants Causeway on the North Antrim Coast! A great time and good Conference and some Guinness and Bushmills thrown in for good measure!!Brilliant!!
In the past 2 weeks over 3000 miles travelled so need a bit of a rest and time in the office and at home!!
After some confusion it now appears that I am definitely going to Brighton in a few weeks time for my first ever Labour Party Annual Conference as Camberwell & Peckham Delegate no less!!
I have to attend a briefing at Party HQ next week and am still searching out somewhere to stay!!
Scotland departed the 2010 World Cup Qualifiers in 3rd place with a couple of good performances but too late to recover from the shocking bad one against Norway last month! A good win over Macedonia followed up by a good performance against Holland only to lose by a sucker goal at the end!!
We clearly have some very good players in Brown, Fletcher and
McFaddyen and some good guys behind them in Whittaker and Hutton but some mediocre, and old mediocre at that, at the back and last night that really showed!! Our best attacker will not play for Scotland with Burley in charge so it will be interesting to see if he keeps his job? The last week might just have been enough to keep him hanging on!!