Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dungeness, Belfast, Giants Causeway, Brighton and Scotland out of World Cup!!

After my break in Edinburgh and St. Andrews I went away again at the weekend to Broadstairs with Shauna and back to my fast becoming favourite wilderness of Dungeness!!
There is something very quirky and appealing about the place and I cant keep away from it!!

Then off to Belfast for the USHA Autumn Conference and a fantastic trip to Giants Causeway on the North Antrim Coast! A great time and good Conference and some Guinness and Bushmills thrown in for good measure!!Brilliant!!
In the past 2 weeks over 3000 miles travelled so need a bit of a rest and time in the office and at home!!
After some confusion it now appears that I am definitely going to Brighton in a few weeks time for my first ever Labour Party Annual Conference as Camberwell & Peckham Delegate no less!!
I have to attend a briefing at Party HQ next week and am still searching out somewhere to stay!!
Scotland departed the 2010 World Cup Qualifiers in 3rd place with a couple of good performances but too late to recover from the shocking bad one against Norway last month! A good win over Macedonia followed up by a good performance against Holland only to lose by a sucker goal at the end!!
We clearly have some very good players in Brown, Fletcher and
McFaddyen and some good guys behind them in Whittaker and Hutton but some mediocre, and old mediocre at that, at the back and last night that really showed!! Our best attacker will not play for Scotland with Burley in charge so it will be interesting to see if he keeps his job? The last week might just have been enough to keep him hanging on!!