Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CSR Review, Campaigning, Cambridge House, Banksy and Hibs have a new Manager!!

And so the largest Public Spending cuts since the early Thatcherite Years are upon us!!!
Cuts of £81 Billion and for Southwark Council £90M cuts over the next 4 years, more than 30% of our total Budget from Government!!!
Probably the most nauseating element of the whole speech was the cheering from the Tories and Lib Dems, images which i know will come back to haunt them!!
Good to see the Telegraph today report a lead for Labour for the first time in 4 years and surely that will increase as the real impact of these cuts become clear to the electorate!!
Great Mobile Surgery in Newington Ward on Saturday with Patrick and Neil and I plan to spend a fair bit of time in that ward supporting them in the future as I do Clare in Chaucer!!!
Today I had a Tour around the Cambridge House building works which will radically transform the building and enable Cambridge House to grow as an organisation even in these very troubled times!!
Spotted the Bermondsey Banksy over the weekend already protected by a plastic screen, very nice it is too!!!
Hibs have Colin Calderwood as their new Manger and even after a defeat at Aberdeen on Saturday a bit of optimism in the camp for the future!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

LIb Dem Hypocrisy on University Tuition Fees and the Theatre with Shakespeare and ABBA!!!!

Of course the big story is the quite astonishing hypocrisy from the Lib Dems all signing a pledge not to increase University Tuition Fees, see the Blessed Simon Hughes above!!, and then would you believe it? going back on their Manifesto Promises!!! this may well turn out to be one u-turn too far for the Lib Dems and may really come back to bite them hard in the weeks and months to come!!
With the Comprehensive Spending review out next Wednesday it will clearly be tough times ahead for all of us as we have to deal with public service cuts which would have made Margaret Thatcher blush!!!
The London Met Building Refurb programme continues and the picture above is of the new Moorgate Basement. Will be complete in February 2011!

Plenty of Theatre recently with Henry IV Parts I and II on Saturday at the last performance at the Globe of the Season!! Excellent it was too!!
Last night I went to see mama Mia with my visiting Cousin from Helsinki and again it was a great night and a real uplifting evening!!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Ed Miliband as Leader, Anti-Knife Campaign, Back to the Floor and Darren and Helen's Weddning!!

So Ed Milliband is the new Labour Leader! I voted for him and Ken for the Mayoral Candidate but my friends Johanna Baxter and Gordon Nardell just missed out on the NEC and NPF respectively!
Lots of new Member's joining and Campaigning on Saturday was just like the good old days with a very very positive response on the knocker!!!
Met the Govts. Anti-Knife Ambassador Brooke Kinsella on the Four Squares Estate to look at our innovative Youth Leader Project where young people go out and talk to young people, get contact details and signpost them to local activities and even run Youth Clubs. A great project that needs supporting!!!
I went "Back to the Floor" a couple of times over the past few weeks, out with Noise Patrol and then out with the Wardens, a really useful experience and I am booking trips out with the EHO's and Tradings Standards Officers soon but back out with the Community Wardens on November 5th, their busiest night of the year!!!
I had a great time in Christchurch at Darren and Helen's Wedding, my first time there and it was a great place, lovely B&B, sunny weather and a great time had by all!! many Congrats to them both!!