Friday, October 15, 2010

LIb Dem Hypocrisy on University Tuition Fees and the Theatre with Shakespeare and ABBA!!!!

Of course the big story is the quite astonishing hypocrisy from the Lib Dems all signing a pledge not to increase University Tuition Fees, see the Blessed Simon Hughes above!!, and then would you believe it? going back on their Manifesto Promises!!! this may well turn out to be one u-turn too far for the Lib Dems and may really come back to bite them hard in the weeks and months to come!!
With the Comprehensive Spending review out next Wednesday it will clearly be tough times ahead for all of us as we have to deal with public service cuts which would have made Margaret Thatcher blush!!!
The London Met Building Refurb programme continues and the picture above is of the new Moorgate Basement. Will be complete in February 2011!

Plenty of Theatre recently with Henry IV Parts I and II on Saturday at the last performance at the Globe of the Season!! Excellent it was too!!
Last night I went to see mama Mia with my visiting Cousin from Helsinki and again it was a great night and a real uplifting evening!!!


Anonymous said...

Councillor Friary. I work for your council and have found out today that the leader and chief exec propose to force 10 days unpaid leave on staff to save money? Do you think some of your lower grade staff can afford this? Would you be planning this for the chief exec, monitoring officer etc? We already have our pay frozen and many managers are refusing to pay increments even if the staff have met the targets set for them. Morale is decreasing. I am a loyal and hard working member of your staff but I am beginning to hate it. We have a bully for a chief executive and we now hear those of us who don't lose our jobs will be forced into accepting pay cuts?

John Joseph Friary said...

I am writing in reply to your comment.
My understanding is that it was merely a sugggestion to look at ways of saving jobs but will not be a Council Policy and if staff want to consider this or other ways of reducing cost, by going on a sabbatical fro example then we have to help them to do it and protect their job but non of this will be driven by the Council!!