Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back in Edinburgh, Lib Dems go for "Cameron Lite", Southwark worst performer for Traffic tickets and Hibs open new £4M Training Centre

SoI am safely back home in the bosom of my family in Edinburgh after a usual positive experience with EasyJet (not like the Tv programme at all!) but we did have to fly around Edinburgh seven times for over half an hour as something fell off the palne in front of us and onto the runway!!
I suppose I was please that bits were not falling of my plane!

The Lib Dems really are becoming a bit of a bad joke with the outcome of their Leadership election nothing short of shambolic!
Clegg, astonishingly only an MP since 2005, beat Chris Huhne to the Lib Dem leadership by 20,988 votes to 20,477 - a margin of just 511. So now we know that around half the Lib Dem members see him as "Calamity Clegg" but prefer the new press title of "Cameron Lite" with his endless vaccuous statements like "you know who" but without the personality! The idea that him and Huhne will work together is laughable as they had to be almost physically restrained after the cameras were switched off on the Politics Show!

The Times reported the following today:
"Local councils are dismissing challenges to thousands of parking fines despite having poor evidence or no proof against the drivers.
Which? magazine uncovered a big disparity in the way different councils handle parking fines. Motorists in some parts of the country are almost three times more likely to appeal successfully against a fine compared with elsewhere, figures suggest.
Hackney, Hillingdon and Southwark, all London councils, are the worst offenders, says the magazine."
Last year Southwark Council lost 84 per cent of 2,256 cases heard by an adjudicator and failed to offer evidence in six out of ten of them. Hackney lost 86 per cent of disputes and did not contest 44 per cent.
Overall, Londoners have a 75 per cent chance of successfully appealing against a parking fine."
Yet another Department in complete meltdown! Whilst Stanton fiddles whilst Rome burns Southwark Residents are getting a worse and worse service with reorganisation after reorganisation and all the senior experienced Managers voting with their feet!! What a Mess!
Hibs opened their £4M new Training Centre yesterday wiuth out doubt the best in Scotland and probably one of the best in the UK?
It wont stop Collins getting a hard time from the Hibs fans though, only a win will do that but it is a great investment for the future!


Anonymous said...

now that your "Back in Edinburgh" any chance of you staying there?so we can elect a local resident who actually lives in southwark, you see when labor had control of southwark,you were no different or better than the shower of libs and tories we have now,just a bunch of wasters thats all your lot are.

Anonymous said...

oh I see your last post was in 2007,as usal when you get thrown out of office,you give up hounding us untill the next election,so let me warn you now not to bother standing for southwark again,your kind are not welcome here,please stay in edinburgh where you belong,we dont need nu labor,stinky libs or thieving tories running our services.

Anonymous said...