Monday, June 23, 2008

Memorial Benches Unveiled and West End Live!

Last Thursday I attended the unveiling of 2 Memorial benches to Charlie Robinson and Angela Occamore.
They were funded by the Camberwell Community Council and a large number of people were there to remember Charlie and Angela. People were asked to sit on the benches as they spoke about them and the picture shows Ian Wingfield remembering Charlie. Cleo and I also spoke. The other pictures show Russell Occamore talking about his sister, Father Nick saying a commemorative prayer and Charlie's bench with the inscription. All in all a lovely ceremony and we all had a drink in the Crypt afterwards.

On Saturday I went with Clair and Shauna to West End Live!, a Festival with many best known productions presenting excerpts from their shows. Shauna had a picture taken as part of the Narnia Film Poster looking mean and moody !

I just scanned in this picture taken the year after I became a Councillor in 1995 by my old College Napier and it appeared on the front page of the University Magazine, probably the only time in my life that I will appear on the front cover of anything!!