Thursday, February 12, 2009

Council Budgets being prepared, London in the Snow, Camberwell Green awaits the results of the Mayors Bid and Scotland go down to the Welsh!!

The Tory/Lib Dem Administration are putting the budget together for surely their last year in power for many years with the traditional "bribe" of a Council Tax Freeze but of course millions of pounds of cuts in vital services the inevitable result. We are looking over their proposals and will be putting together our Labour Group Budget for the Council Tax setting Meeting of Council Assembly coming up soon!!
Another great picture of London in the snow that I did not take but liked it all the same and took it from Flikr!

It really did look beautiful and when I went up to Bath University on Tuesday the snow was still on the ground but the University is at the top of a very long very steep hill!

This is a nice picture of the Camberwell Green Tree Lights which I like and still have my fingers crossed for the Mayors Fund which we should be hearing about within the next month!
Scotland went rather tamely down to Wales at Murreyfield last weekend 13-26 which disappointed me as we usually do well against them at home.
Max Evans did get over for a score at the end but a bit of criticism directed at Coach Franck Hadden so he has something to prove in Paris this weekend against France and is playing the Evans brothers together for the first time, yet another set of rugby union brothers playing for their country. Still I don't fancy their chances against the French in Park Des Princes!