Monday, April 26, 2010

Election Fever builts in Westminster and Southwark Town Hall and Hibs scrap for Europa Cup spot!!!

And so we enter the final 2 weeks Campaigning to keep the Tories out of No.10 and the Lib Dem/Tory Coalition out of the Town Hall!!
Although the televised debates do appear to have had a strange effect on the Polls they are clearly the right way to go and are now part of the UK
Political scene!
It does look like this Election may have a very unique outcome with large protest voites against both Major parties bolstering the Lib Dem vote with of course Clegg's competent and confident performances on air!!

A Hung Parlaiment looks the most likely with Gordon Brown having the first go at making deals with the smaller parties to form an Administration!!

Locally we have the key wards which will dictate the outcome of the Election, with East Walworth, Chaucer, Livesey, South Camberwell , Peckham Rye and East Dulwich the Labour/Lib Dem Battlegrounds!!
Our pledge for Free School Meals is very popular on the doorstep so it will be a very tense and nervous last couple of weeks til polling Day!!
Our Manifesto can be read at the link below:

Hibs form continues to collapsing from 2nd to 5th in a matter of months and scrapping with Motherwell for 4th and the Europa Cup spot. Failling that we have to hope for the Arabs (Dundee Utd.) to beat Ross County to get the extra Europa Cup place should be end up in 5th spot!!