Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I was dissapointed if not surprised to see the disrespectful way in which the TUC Conference treated Tony Blair and it sometimes makes me wonder what i am doing in a trade Union if these idiots are the ones that are representing me.

I sometimes think that they would prefer a Tory Government in power as it would increase their power base?

The people behaving so badly yesterday have very short memories and appear to have forgotten was life was like under the Tories for workers in the UK.

Tony Blair has been the most successful Labour Leader in history and I hope that his legacy will be added to by Gordon Brown next year as we move forward to a fourth General Election victory.

Labour Party members need to grow up and shut up and let the Prime Minister get on with running the Country. They could yet snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!!!!!

On a brighter note Hibs had an excellent 3-0 victory away at Dundee United and look like they are finally geting into their stride. They have however lost a lost of points already and need a few back to back results including Hearts.


fairdealphil said...

Spot on John.

As usual those who shout loudest actually have least influence.

Am I right in thinking that members of both the RMT and the FBU who were marched out in protest at who is leader of the labour party, have forfeited their influence in electing the next leader by ending their affiliation to the Labour Party?

The fact that a minority of those who stayed were not prepared to listen to the Prime Minister answer their own questions shows why we must never go back to the bad old days.

Anonymous said...