Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Developing a Community Strategy "Southwark 2010"

I was at an OSC Meeting held today in the Town Hall at 10am which gave us 3+ hours to discuss the Community Strategy in detail and it was a really enjoyable meeting as we had time and space to question a number of senior officers on long term strategy.

My big problem again was the lack of any strategic plan for Camberwell. Regeneration and transformational plans were included for other parts of the borough and Camberwell was given only a passing refernece regarding it's future identity!

The future of the Camberwell Leisure Centre and Library were raised as was the need for a Town Centre Manager approach to revitalising Camberwell and a number of positive noises were there from Officers who i think accept that Camberwell is often bypassed! In fact a local resident said that she was fed up of Camberwell being seen as a "through road" and little else!

Perhaps Camberwell is seen as a political wasteland by the Lib Dem/Tory Administration or the fact that it does not need pulling down and rebuilding??? I really dont know but it very hard work to get the Council Executive and officers to take Camberwell seriously!!

Our Scrutiny work on Bullying is coming to a conclusion and I am confident that we can recommend some good practice and look at the internal policies and procedures in operation in the light of Government and specialist advisors guidance. This is the first time that I have done this as Chair so it has been valuable experience.

Hibs beat Gretna 3-1 and with Queen of the South in the quarter finals the prospect of 2 Cup Finals in one season are pretty high, dependant in part but not entirely on not pulling Celtic as a Semi Final opponent.