Monday, February 12, 2007

Violent Crime in Peckham and Camberwell, Camberwell Leisure Centre and CIS Cup Final Looms

I shall be going along to a Public Meeting on the recent murders in Peckham and Camberwell, 3 in under a week, on the back of the fatal shooting in Camberwell at the end of last year and the incident at the Academy at Peckham.
There is clearly no easy answer to tackling this increase in gang warefare which is impacting so greatly on people locally but there is a need for a more positive approach from the Council and Police to give people reasurrance that there is a strategic approach which is being followed through. This has been less that clear in recent times so I will be interested to hear what thye say and to see the public reaction.

I am not really interested in political point scoring on this but the Executive and Police need to raise their game on this or else our criticism will grow!

There are a number of Camberwell Deputations at tomorrow night's Executive and I shall be there with my fellow Camberwell Councillors.
It is clear that we are going to be seriously short changed in what is looking more and more like political vindictiveness, and after witnessing the way in which the Lib Dems treated Danny McCarthy I know that that this would be very much in character for this bunch!!

Hamden Park awaits on March 18th and the tickets are on sale so I am looking forward to another trip there and perhaps the first of 2 trips this season?