Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Council Assembly, a Campaigning Weekend, Camberwell Green Park and Hibs great Victory over the "Lesser Greens"!!!

We had a heavy night last night with a full OSC Committe starting at 5pm moving on to an Extraordinary Council Assembly straight after to discuss our no confidence motion in the Executive Member for Health & Social Care.
The Lib Dem/Tory coalition stood shoulder to shoulder on this describing it as "party political" and a "personal attack" which of course was exactly what the motion was not!
It was about the way in which information was shared and it is clear that if the SLP had not revealed that they were going to go with the story there would not have been the hastily released council statement and that was wrong!! And much as we all like and respect David Noakes it was under his watch and "with great power comes great responsibility!"
And true to Lib Dem from it did not take Stanton or Noblet long to conclude who was really to blame....you guessed it the horrible Labour Government!!!
Tonight is a night of lighter relief with the Labour Group Christmas Dinner at Caravaggio's in Camberwell and I will, as ever, be on Facebook Photo duty!
I had a very good Campaigning weekend with an excellent session on the Brandon Estate in my own ward on Saturday and a positive session in Chaucer Ward on Sunday as part of the Borough wide Campaigning programme.
Sandra Rhule and I went to Kings to see our friend and colleague Tony Squires and the good news is that he is recovering well and should be home this week! We were there for a visit from the salvation Army band so it was a very Christmassy time!!
I am working hard to get as many people as I know to vote for Camberwell Green Park to receive the £400K award from the Mayor and we are now down to a shortlist for the 10 awards.
Whilst absolutely not the right way to go about it, he and his staff are paid to make decisions based on research and need, not on a public vote based on how well people can lobby!
The Banner is up on the Green and we need to work as hard as we can over the next couple of months to get the votes in for Camberwell Green!!

The Link : Vote for Camberwell Green Park
Hibs had a fantastic 2-0 victory over Celtic at Easter Road on Sunday with John Rankin scoring a quite extraordinary goal from 45 yards, he was in the centre circle when he hit it!!
The ball bounced right in front of Boric and over him into the net!
A great team performance all round with an unusually solid looking defence so long may it continue!!


Anonymous said...

John, perhaps it would help promote the campaign a little better if you provided a link to it in this post!


Cllr. John J. Friary Blog said...

Thanks for that!

I did put a link in my earlier posting and on my Blog but worth doing again!



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