Monday, March 02, 2009

Brilliant Sculpture in Camberwell, Scotland win and Hibs dont again!

On Saturday I went along to the unveiling of a new Sculpture on Camberwell Grove/Champion Hill Junction of a wolf on the prowl with a ram protecting a ewe with her young. it looks fantastic and everyone was stopping to have a look whilst we were there.
I would love more sculptures around Southwark and Camberwell in particular . This was funder through the CGS scheme of Camberell Community Council and the next round has just kicked off so we are looking around for projects to support for this year.

Scotland played well on Saturday beating Italy comfortably 22-6 and looked much more like the team that can give everyone a hard time. it really shows that the wrong team was put out against Wales and how much we rely on the Evans Brothers! I think we can beat the English now!
Hibs put on another laboured performance against Falkirk at home and a 0-0 draw the almost inevitable result! More points dropped as we slide further away from those EUFA Cup places!!


Simon said...

I agree it would be great if we could have lots of art around Camberwell and especially around Camberwell 'town centre' - ie the Green, Camberwell Church Street etc. It would also be great to have art in the pedestrianised bit at the back of Somerfield - art is what Camberwell is known for the world over so I dont know why Southwark do not play to this strength and commission lots of public art.

Cllr. John J. Friary Blog said...


I absolutley agree!

Thuis sculpture has a commission to make a striking new sign for the Peckham Theatre on Havil Street so that should be on display soon.

If we are successful in our £400k bid to the Mayor's office we plan to have more sculptures in the green area and perhaps make the Orchard are by the Magistrates court a Sculpture Park?
The Housing Department have in storage a sculpture from a Czech Sculptor of the Pied piper of Hamlin which we hope to re-mount and have in teh Green or the Orchard so expect to see more art in Camberwell over the next year!
Thanks again!

somebody said...