Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sad News at Death of Anne Worseley, Burgess Park wins and Camberwell Green loses out in Mayor's Fund and Blue Elephants in Camberwell!

On an otherwise very good day we had the very sad news about the death of my friend and former Labour Group Colleague Anne Worseley who dies after suffering a major stroke on Saturday. Anne was a hard worker all her like and and believed passionately about good education,music and the Labour Party.
I last saw Anne at the Labour Group Christmas Dinner and took this picture of her having a great time with friends, on the left between Peter and Mark. She will be greatly missed!!
Great news today about Burgess Park receiving the Mayor's top award of £2M with another £4M from the Aylesbury Regeneration we can make a real difference. I had an early morning meeting to discuss the Burgess Park Scrutiny report and had to plan for two outcomes but now can look forward to the positive outcome and bringing about real change to Burgess Park over the next couple of years!Fantastic News!!!
Of course all tempered slightly by the news that Camberwell Green missed out on the £400K pot so it is back to Plan B to spend the CGS Funds available and I plan to put in another CGS bid for this year to really improve things in the Green! The Boris wigs did not work I am afraid but a really good campaign and support from the Council so no criticism there!
Finally I attended the Wyndham and Comber T&RA Meeting last night and there was a really good drama presentation from the Blue Elephant Youth Project which they take around local schools. It was very good and again shows how lucky we are to have such an innovative Theatre in the Ward!