Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Speaker resigns, Good news on the Gurkhas, Mayor Making and Constitutional Council, MORI and the Camberwell Society and "Come on you Lions!!"

So The Speaker of the House Michael Martin finally quit! Cant say I am sorry to see him go and his likely replacement Frank Field I think is the right man to take over and stop the "expenses " rot!!
I do however think that it was very helpful for the under pressure MP's to seek to transfer all the blame to the Speaker when in fact they are the culpable ones who were filling in the false claims and glad to see that the parties a now put pressure on them to stand down! I look forward to a light being shone on the MEP's on board the biggest "gravy train" ride of them all!!!
More revelations today including a Tory who claimed for a "Duck Home"!!

Sounds like common sense will prevail today over the Gurkhas rights with a statement due today and Joanna Lumley apparently very happy after a meeting with Gordon Brown, just a pity we could not have got it right first time!!!

A long night in the Town Hall last night with Mayor Making and Constitutional Council. Happy to see Jeff Hook as Mayor and he will be a very good first Citizen.
Most of our Constitutional amendments turned down but some support evident from the opposition for changes in deputation rights and strengthening the Community Councils. We did get one victory over more co-optees on Scrutiny Committees showing that perseverance does sometimes pay!!
Off to see the always entertaining Ben Page from MORI this afternoon take us throuhgh the most recent Southwark Residents Survey , always interesting although I have suggested to Ben that he highlight the fact that residents approval rating has been steadily rising since 1994, the year I was elected and , you know what they say.....statistice dont lie!!!

Tonight I will be going to the Camberwell Society AGM which I hope should be a very positive affair after some recent Camberwell successes and some indications of more to come!

Whilst Hibs and Arsenal end a pretty disappointing season over the weekend I shall be at Wembley Stadium on Sunday to support my local team Milwall take on Scunthorpe to earn a place in the Championship next season. Millwall must be favourites after knocking out Leeds in the Semis so going to the Home of Football with my Lib Dem and Labour colleagues unified in cheering on the Lions to get back to the Championship next season which will be a fantastic achievement after almost going down to League 2 last season!!
No one likes us we dont care!!
I also really support the idea of giving Freedom of the Borough of Southwark to Milwall Record Goal Scoring Striker Neil Harris , not just for his feats on the field, but his very public battle against testicular cancer and his high profile Campaign around it and of course his recovery and continued career with Milwall!!


Anonymous said...

re the Gurkhas, did our local mp vote to kick them out? I'm told she did.

Anonymous said...

I read that too!
Was Harriet taking a hard, or just obeying orders?

John Jospeh Friary said...

I dont know Harriet voted but I accept that it was a mistakew by the Government but at least they saw sense and changed their mind !!
Joanna Lumley was very positive about that and the right decision has now been made!!

Anonymous said...

great news on supporting neil hopfully council can make it happen

John Jospeh Friary said...


Yes I am sure that we can make it happen very soon!

Neil certainly deserves recognition!


Anonymous said...