Friday, May 08, 2009

"CCFA", CGS for CCC, Good on Joanna and Harriet, Weekend in Broadstairs and Hibs beat Hearts at Tynecastle!!

A busy week in the Town Hall even with the bank Holiday break with a Awayday of OSC talking about the latest acronym "CCFA" (Councillor Call For Action) and how we manage it in the next year. interested in the fact that there needs to be a Crime and Disorder Scrutiny established although we may link it to a "Task and Finish" Scrutiny Committee.
I am looking forward to the new provisions and hope we get some real community activity and involvement which you just know this Tory/ Lib Dem Administration will hate!
The Camberwell Community Council met and we agreed this years CGS Awards and there should be around £200,000 of works going into Camberwell Green projects across the Estates and in Camberwell Green Park itself to put into place the project outlined in the ultimately unsuccessful Mayors Bid.
Picked this pic up on the Council's Flickr site of the new sculpture in Champion Hill and I would love to see more of this in and around Camberwell!!

Whilst all very uncomfortable telly Phil Whollas did the right thing in meeting Joanna Lumley and agreeing to discuss things further with her and the group she represents over Gurkha rights, it is the right thing to do and hopefully the Government will accept this!!
I have to say that I think Harriet Harriet has been very impressive over the weekend with lots of pretty gruelling interviews stoked up by the Tory Press and has really acquited herself very well.
Harriet has been underestiomated in the past by all quarters and i think that her handling of PMQ's and the media is general has been excellent in very difficult times so well done to her!
Shauna and I had a great weekend in Broadstairs with Ian, Jo and the kids and the weather was nice but not too hot although I did venture into the water up to my ankles!!
We had a great time and Shauna really loves Broadstairs so we will be going back over the summer.
Strangest thing was to bump into Inspector David Gwyther ex SNT Leader of Camberwell Green whose brother lives in Broadstairs so good to catch up on the Broadstairs sands!!
I am pictured with the famous and enigmatic Broadstairs Stick and Ian and I set up a Facebook Group to support it!!
After a shockingly poor home defeat to Dundee United on Saturday Hibs beat Hearts 1-0 at Tynecastle last night with Riordan scoring with a penalty in the last 10 minutes.
I think that 4th place is beyond us and we will stagger to another poor season and some thinking to be done over the summer about players (Fletcher and Jones are definitely off !) and of course Manager!