Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gurkhas shambles, Night at the Exec, CGS Bids, Swine Fever and a Weekend in Broadstairs!!

I was a bit exasperated by the Government's tactics ovr the Gurkhas leading to a Commons defeat and pics of Joanna Lumley with Cameron and Cameron Lite(Clegg).
It seems a very strange subject to have a fight over and flew in the face of public opinion and no surprise therefore that many labour backbenchers voted with the opposition!!
A complete mess and for no apparent reason or justification, not what we need a year away form a General Election!!

I really hope we choose our fights better over the next year and this does not cover us in glory!!!
I was at the Executive reporting back on Peckham Rye Park and think that it went ok and the key issues of more sports pitches, better management groups and better facilities I think was accepted by the Exec.

I tidied up the Burgess Park Report up yesterday and now that is ready for OSC.

We met at 8am yesterday to go through the CGS bids and I was pleased to see lots from Camberwell Green Ward and we seem to have secured around £200,000 from the total for projects across the Ward and the Estates so happy with that!

Had my first Swine Fever Meeting at work this morning and am now part of the Swine Fever Group so getting some info out to staff and students this week and see how things have developed after the Bank Holiday weekend!
Off to Broadstairs with Shauna for the weekend and a Pirates Party as she approaches 8 years old!!
Hope the weather is anything like as good as last May Bank Holiday!!