Monday, April 13, 2009

Dirty Tricks, Council Assembly, Cardiff, Spineless SFA and Hibs playing tonight!

Whilst it was probably right for Damien McBride to fall upon his sword there has been a lot of self-righteous crap spoken by the Tories and the Press on this! Does anyone seriously believe that political parties continually examine opposition politicians private lives for political gain? In fact the main perpetrators are the Chief Whips of their own parties (remember Francis Urquart from House of Cards!"). Sending emails out from No.10 was clearly stupid although I am still unclear as to how an email sent to Derek Draper ended up in Guy Fox's inbox? There are so many leaks coming from inside the Party that sending anything like this by email is really stupid !!

I managed to rush back from Cardiff with my Rucksack to make most of Council Assembly. Just got in to hear Nick Stanton make some obscure point about how a Labour Councillor earned his living? Does that now mean that we can examine the working and private lives of opposition members and raise it at Council Assembly? That will be fun!!! Stanton also treated us to his whole range of emotions from A to B in another bewilderingly unintelligible rant, amusing point is when he joked about suspending standing orders to continue for a half hour and Mayor Eliza Mann asked for a seconder to the proposal!! Such high quality in public office it makes you wonder why you bother!!! (I bother to get rid of these idiots!!!)

I had a really good 3 days in Cardiff at the USHA Annual Conference at Cardiff University and was able to see a bit of the City for the first time!
The Formal Dinner took place in the fantastic setting of the National Museum of Wales with the Mayor welcoming us and a Welsh Male Voice Choir thrown in! A great evening and a successful event!

I has to take a picture of this statue of Anuearin Bevan in Cardiff town Centre, a radical socialist and a true Welshman!

No surprise to hear that the spineless SFA are now back peddling on the lifetime ban to the two morons Ferguson and McGregor!!
They went out on an 8 hour drinking bender between two World Cup Qualifying matches, were dropped to the ebnch (should have been sent home then!) and sat in the dug out in their Scotland kit doing what is pictured!!!
I hope they not only play for Scotland but get sent on a free to Greenock Morton!! I think that Rangers Boss Smith is more offended and has more guts than Burley will ever have.
Hibs play St. Mirren tonight at their new ground(will be watching it on Setanta live) and need a win to be in the top 6 for the split! I was disappointed to read Mixu saying that if they make the top six they can "enjoy" the last 5 games! Never mind enjoy what about trying to get the 4th place and a UEFA spot (looks like Hearts have 3rd spot and they are playing well!). If he does not have ambition beyond coming 6th then we need a new Manager!