Friday, April 17, 2009

More powers for Community Wardens, Trams in Edinburgh and Hibs struggle to make Top Six Split in SPL!!

The Government has given additional powers to the Southwark Community wardens, the first in the Country and I welcomed it this week.
I have not been uncritical of the Wardens in the past and feel that instead of headlines about bright costumes, utility belts and £1000 bikes these powers should help them get back to what they were designed to do, ie deal with enviro-crime and low level anti social behaviour!

The BBC London programme gave the issue full coverage and actually filmed around Camberwell green for added local flavour! Link is below:

When in Edinburgh for Easter I snapped this mock-up of an tram which will be operating in the Town Centre from next year and again regretted Boris's stupid decision to kill the project stone dead as soon as he came into office for a Tram from Kings Cross through South London!!
Cant wait to try out the Edinburgh Trams next year!!

Watched Hibs play away at St. Mirren on Setanta, a team we should beat easily and we were very lucky to come away with a 1-1 draw thanks to a good opportunist goal by Stephen Fletcher!
We have Rangers at home on Sunday with Motherwell taking on St. Mirren at home the day before. We are 1 point ahead and need to keep that to be in the top six!!
Anything less will be a disaster for Hibs and for Mixu who I imagine will not keep his job!! Just not good enough!!!