Thursday, April 02, 2009

Clear choices at the G20, Camberwell Baths get Govt. cash, Visit to Brum and Scotland win!

With the G20 London Summit in full swing it is clear to see the differing political agendas from the right and left with the Brown and Obama leading the call for further spensdning to encourage the World Economies, and the right of Merkel and Sarkosy (and Cameron!) trying to stop further investment hoping that the economy will just put itself right (maybe the tooth fairy will get it going!).
This is all to the good as it really does show the stark differences and how UK would be aligned if, god help us!, Cameron and the Burlington Tories were in charge!!
Great News this week as the Government awards £1.45 Million for the development of Camberwell Leisure Centre. I am sure that the recent visit by the Sports Minister helped but there is now no excuse for the Council to get on with this and give us a Centre that the people of Camberwell have been crying out for for years and which they deserve!!
It was my turn this week to do the Councillor Column in Southwark News and I expressed concern if we did not get the award but was very happy to hear the really great news!! Well done to all involved now lets' get on with it!!

I was at Birmingham University this week for the first of my work Conferences and went on an unexpected tour of JR Tolkien's haunts when he lived in Birmingham which made the evening go by! Included was the Water Works with the "Two Towers" which apparently inspired him!

Scotland got the needed win, 2-1 over Iceland last night with Hibs very own Stephen Fletcher scoring the winner!
We just need to keep on building up the points and hope for the 2nd place behind Holland which is very much within our reaches!! After that who knows who we will get in the Play-Offs?