Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scotland crash, Hibs improve and "I am not tired and I will not go to bed"(Peter Pan!)

Well Scotland's World Cup campaign come to a shuddering halt in Oslo last night with an embarrassing 4-0 defeat! With 2 game left, one against Holland, it is not going to happen and we need to contemplate a poor campaign. We do have some International Class players in my view, Gordon, Hutton, Whittaker, Caldwell, Murray. Fletcher and McFaddyen but too many very average players I am afraid and a very average Manager. His weakness highlighted in the Ferguson/McGregor affair which was a disgrace and not sure he is the one to take us very far!! We have more players playing in the Premier League that for many years but we appear to be getting worse and way behind the performances in Paris of 2 years ago!

Hibs ended their Pre-season with another good 0-0 draw at Bolton in Jaskeleinen's Testimonial with a big crowd and 3,000 Hibs fans at the Reebok!
St Mirren on Saturday and let the Season commence!!
I am taking Shauna to see Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens on Saturday so looking forward to that as Peter Pan is a favourite with both of us!!
Booked some Fringe Shows at the Edinburgh Festival so off on the 21st for a week!