Friday, October 09, 2009

Conference Season over, Selections underway and Hibs playing well!

Well the Conference Season is over and I got a first hand look at it in Brighton and clealry the battle lines are being drawn and it is interesteing to see how nervous the Tories are as they know the result is not "in the bag"! The austerity promised with savage cuts (I presume supported by Calamity Clegg?) is now in the open for all to see and the choice is now clear which I think is no bad thing! Let battle commence!!!
Southwark Labour Party are now in the miidst of shortlisitng and selection for the 2010 Local Council Elections next may so lots of excellent new members on the list and the Group will have a very diffferent feel to it, not least in terms of age with me definately at the older end of the scale!!!
Some really good Camberwell Branch members up for the fight and hoping to see them all elecetd Councillors in the Chamber next May!!
Hibs decent start to the season continues with a 3-1 win at Motherwell and a 1-1 draw against Dundee United! Good results with a decent sqaud and Zemmama back after Ramadan looking good and scoring a fantastic goal against the Dundee Utd!!
Good to see Riordan back in the Scotland sqaud for the Japan game!!