Saturday, October 03, 2009

Day 2 to Day 5 of Conference

My attempts for a daily Blog were blighted by a very slow server at the Hotel so here is a synopsis from Day 2 to the end of Conference!
day 2 started with good sessions on Campaigning and the manifesto from Douglas Alexander and Ed Milliband.
Highlight of the day was a real barnstrorming speech from Lord Mandelson who really got the crowd going and was a real boost to Conference!!
There was a session of the Environment and the Olympics and I voted fro Stephen Twigg for the Conference Arrangements Committee and he was duly Elected alongside Marge Carey!
I attended 2 Fringe Meeting from the Fabian Society and the Fabian Society called "Who are the new Tories" with a very scary Panel of right Wing Tory Lobbyists and Journalists!!!
Day 3 of course was the Leader's Speech Day but started with sessions on Culture,Media and Sport, Local Government and Housing and Crime and Justice.
All building to Gordon Brown's Brilliant speech!
All throughout Conference I kept bumping into Southwark Councillors and members, even met a Constituent who asked me for advice on Brighton Promenade!! Pic here of me and Barrie at the Conference Centre!
Vote on National Constitutional Committee CLP's I voted for John Wiseman and Judith Blake was Elected.
I attended 3 Fringe meetings on Digital Media, IOSH and the Local Government Reception and a visit by Gordon Brown!
I became very familiar with this bridge between the Grand and the Hilton and lost count of how many times I crossed it from Fringe meeting to Fringe Meeting!!

Day 4 began with this front page from the Sun which was a quite disgraceful and pre-planned spoiler from this horrible rag!! Lots of fun throughout the day at their expense and not a Sun to be seen anywhere!!
There was an Emergency Motion on the Post Office pension Defecit which I supported and which was unanimously agreed!
Sessions in NEC Finances, Citizenship and Equalities,Health, Education and skills.
There were a number of votes on the NEC and NFP membership which were all unanimously agreed apart from one on OMOV for NFP which was oppossed by the NEC but which I voted for and it was agreed by 67% of Conference delegates!
Day 5 had Sessions on Northern Ireland, European Parliament, and Britain in the World with an Emergency resolution on keeping the East Coast Main Line in Public ownership which again was agreed! Finished with a great speech from Harriet and a rousing chorus of the Red Flag!!
In conclusion a fantastic experience for me and a really positive Conference with a unified Party fighting back and in good shape for the Elections of 2010!! Fantastic!!