Thursday, November 19, 2009

End of the Road!!!! Alf Wallis Remembered!!

Well the word has gotten out pretty quickly about my Deselection on Tuesday and there is really little for me to say on the matter. Everyone who needs to know what happened knows what happens so probably better for me to keep quiet!
Southwark News covered the story today and you can read it on the link:
I have seen too many people go through the bitter and twisted reaction to setbacks like this to know that that serves no one's interest's least not my own and, although still feeling very raw about it all, will look forward to a Christmas break in Edinburgh and come back to move on with my life after Southwark Council!
It will be strange as this building has played a very important part in my life over the past 25 years, 6 years as a Southwark Employee and nearly 16 years as a Councillor so it will take a bit of getting used to walking past it and not feeling the urge to go to a Meeting! I am sad that there are a number of key things going on in Camberwell over the next four years that I would have liked to be involved with and trust that all those unfamiliar faces who appeared at the Selection Meeting and those who orchestrated it will play their part in a critical time for the Camberwell!!
I am grateful to the Southwark News Editorial and to the comments here and on Facebook of support, a bit like reading your own Obituary!! Thanks again!
I attended the Funeral of Alf Wallis on Wednesday at the Salvation Army Church on Lomond Grove which was a nice send of for a remarkable man with "I am what I am" from Shirley Bassey at the start, Family memories and a bit of Abba and "Auld Lange's Ayne" at the end to send him off!! I will miss him!! Helped put my previous night's experience into perspective!!


Graham said...

C'mon John, a friend in Local Politics is oft described as 'someone who stabs you in the front!' You're big enough (metaphorically) to get back up from this, you're still a young man, there are other wards beyond Camberwell, there might be a by-election in a year or two. It's only over when you say it is. This game is about what you do when it goes wrong, not when it goes right. Churchill, Mohammad Ali, Lance Armstrong all made history by coming back. Friary could be the 'come back kid'

John Joseph Friary said...


Well said!

I was being a big sorry for myself but you are absolutely right and no door are being closed!!
Many thanks for your good sense and good luck!!

Anonymous said...