Monday, November 16, 2009

Mid-Elmington and OSC, Camberwell Green selects and Burley foir the chop!!

Another busy week kicks off with Overview and Scrutiny Committee tonight and the Mid-Elmington Estate Redevelopment call-In which I am responsible for!
I took a bit of flack from Cllrs Humphries and McNally for it but i was absolutely shocked at how little the affected tenants knew about what their options were and a decision was taken on abysmal consultation so I am simply asking the council to do it properly!!
I attended both Poets Corner and the Mid-Elmington T&RA last week and hope to have some of the tenants affected attending tonight. of course I want to see the Estate improved but only if it is for the benefit of the exciting tenants and not just private property developers, whether the Tory/Lib Dem bunch like it or not! One way or another this will be a significant project over the next four years!
The Elephant Briefing due today has been called off so dont know whether that is good or bad news?
Crunch time tomorrow as Camberwell Green Ward selects it's Candidates for the 2010 Southwark Council Elections with me seeking my 5th nomination! Wish me luck!!
It may be the end of the road for Scotland Coach George Burley after the absolute shocker of a 3-0 defeat to Wales in Cardiff!
Rumours are rife that he will be sacked this week and not before time! He really lost it with the Ferguson/McGregor affair when he failed to send them home after a drunken session and then let them sit on the bench, no doubt hungover, putting their fingers up to the cameras!! Interesting to see names in the frame for his replacement? We do have some good players who look completely demotivated so we need someone new!!


Anonymous said...

I have heard on the grapevine that the news was not good for you at the Camberwell Green selection. I cannot believe that you have been treated so shabily by your colleagues as you have been an excellent councillor and I am sure that it is a decision that labour will come to regret. Kim H

James said...

John, it's terrible that you weren't reselected. I'm not politically partisan, but I know that what is critical if one is to be a good public servant is a passion for the work, a dedication to the cause and the willingness to communicate with the public they represent. This blog is testimony to the fact that you have all those qualities and the local Labour Party are crazy not to support you.

I hope that you will now be able redirect your time and energy and find other ways of supporting and serving Camberwell and the local community.

John Joseph Friary said...

Many thanks to Kim and James for your kind comments!!

Anonymous said...