Friday, May 21, 2010

Labour take over at Southwark Town Hall, Community Safety Priorities and Millwall back at Wembley!!!

Well it has been quite a week with the Labour Group taking over the reigns of Southwark Council following the Mayor making and Constitutional Council on Wednesday!!

It was fantastic to see my good friend and Labour Group Colleague Tayo Situ become Mayor of Southwark with Lorraine Lauder as his Deputy, they will both be a credit to us and Southwark!!

The new Labour Cabinet took control and I became the Cabinet Member for Community Safety, a role that I have shadowed for the past 7 years!!!
The Labour Council Manifesto can be seen through the link below:

I spent much of yesterday meeting Officers and we are already making good progress on a number of our community safety manifesto Commitments such as :

1. Improving, upgrading and extending our CCTV coverage around the borough in areas where it is most needed,

2. Developing a wide ranging Violent Crime Strategy to link up work across Departments in a coherent way,

3. Targeting drug dealing on Housing Estates and the associated Gang culture and crime that comes with it,

4. A Zero Tolerance approach to anti social behaviour in areas like dog fouling, noisy neighbours and improving the ASB Helpline

5. Continuing to support more 20mph speed limits in the borough

6. To protect Police numbers against cuts and to organise our community wardens where they are most needed.

I am getting used to working in Tooley Street on the 4th floor and meeting the staff who will help us!

My University Office is just across Tower Bridge so no more than 10 minutes apart!!

Good Southwark news article:

Great Result for Millwall in the week and another Wembley trip beckons a week on saturday!!
Richard, Fiona and I plan a repeat trip just hoping for a better result: COME ON YOU LIONS!!!!
Highlights of Play Off semi: