Monday, May 10, 2010

Labour Win Southwark Council and Hibs get 4th SPL Spot and Europa Cup Place!!

Great images of a Fantastic night as Labour took back Southwark Council with a majority of 7:

Details at Southwark Council link below:

Election day was spent in East Walworth on a sunny day and a brilliant group of people fighting for every vote!!
It was a great if long and tiring day and we took all three seats as well as seats in South Camberwell, Chaucer, Newington and even College Ward!

Prior to the Election Gordon Brown came to Inspire at Walworth Road at a really inspiring Rally!!
Hibs get Europa Cup Spot after a great away 2-0 win at Dundee United after a very up and down Season!!
Next Season a new Stand and European Football and hopefully some beter defenders and goalkeepers!!
Dundee Unt. Game report below:
That incredible 6-6 game against Motherwell:


James said...

Seems the Labour old guard have sabotaged any attempt to form a Lib Dem/Labour coalition. It's a shame, but as someone in favour of electoral reform an agreement with the Conservatives may be the best option in the long-term given the current situation.

One of the objections the Conservatives have with reform of the electoral system is that it would result it a permanent stitch up between the Lib Dems and Labour, it could be sensible to now demonstrate that this needn't always be the case.

If the Conservatives can demonstrate that they have changed into a party that represents modern Britain then they will rightly have a chance of being in government. If they can't, any coalition deal will collapse. Labour has lessons to learn to, with serious rethinking to do about ID cards, trident, foreign policy, prison policy and more. After 13 years in power, this will be an opportunity for a period to reflect on what has gone right and what has gone wrong.

John Joseph Friary said...


It is difficult to disagre with anything that you say! I am very dissapointed at the old guard scuppering a deal and they now share responsibility for the Emergency Budget and the Public Sector cuts coming within a month!!!

They should be ashamed of themselves!! I dont think that a period in opposition is good and the Tories will be vry hard to prise out I reckon so this is a mistake but looks like it is swung back to a CON/DEM Coaltion!!!

Anonymous said...