Monday, March 26, 2007

Council Assembly and Scotland keep on winning!!!!

Another Council Assembly to look forward to this week with deputations, lots of questions, lots of motions and no decisions!! These meetings really do frustrate me especially with the Lib Dems and Tories absolute arrogance and unwillingness to debate anything unless it is on their terms. They have another motion about the Urban/Suburban issue as it allows them to attack both the Mayor and the Government and deflect attention from the appaulling mess they are making of the Council. The 100 days of change lumbers on past day 50 with ludicrous "fillers" about inspecting an Estate or visiting someone who has just moved ionto a new property!! No suggestions of any significant "root and branch" change within the Housing Department and of course when the 100 days are over it will be back to the sameold same old with lots of posters everywhere saying how brilliant the Administration is!

I recieved my Council tax bill for the year with the booklet inside describing where my money is going which is all well and good but this year the commentary has been "heavily politicised" including a graph of the Mayor's element year on year and other political references which are totally inappropriate but the Lib Dems have never adhered to the policy of being apolitical in Council publications, making use of the weak legislation and enforcement in the area that lets them get away with it!! They have absolutely no morals about this and are at it again!!!!
These publications need to be a straiughtforward commentary without the "Spin" and perhaps there should be two seperate parts from the Council and the Mayor instead of Lib Dem lies being peddled as impaertial Council information?
Another good Scotland win against a very good Georgian team and I had settled for a draw after Boyd's goal was evened out until the late winner by Beattie. I thought that the Hibs player, Scott Brown, changed the game when he came on and was much more aggressive and attack minded.
Now on to Bari to face italy (the World Champions!) . A draw would be a great result but we could take a narrow defeat after the win on Saturday. We clearly have to win all the home games and take what we can away. I dont think that taking points of Italy or France away is impossible for us in our current form!!
Scott Brown changed the game when he came on and will start against italy on Wednesday!


Andy Mayer said...

Surely the answer in respect of Ken's tax rises John is that the letter should contain two bits of paper, one branded Southwark Council, the other the Mayor of London. So people can compare and the regional 'Council' tax is not dishonestly introduced as though it comes from the Council.

Were this a Labour Council with a Tory or Liberal Democrat Mayor, I'm sure you'd be suggesting this.

The reason the Mayor has got away with massive inflation in Council Tax though is that there is so little accountability in the London Assembly. It's more like a South American populist autocracy than a democratic chamber. Your comrades in Whitehall require a 2/3rds majority to stop Ken taxing and spending whatever the heck he likes, or over-riding local feeling on planning decisions and other matters.

Your group can't seem to make up it's mind on that point whether having a mini-Chavez in London, ruling by diktat and railroading local opinion, is a good or bad thing. To liberals and democrats though the answer is obvious.

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