Monday, March 05, 2007

Making Southwark a Fairtrade Borough, Lib Dems seeking "deal" with Brown, and more goalkeeping errors cost Hibs dear!

On Saturday Dora,Chris and I helped out at a Fairtrade Stall at Butterfly walk in Camberwell, giving out samples of chocolate tea and coffee and asking people to sign our petition to make Southwark a Fairtrade Borough.
There was a very positive response and it is nice to do something non-party political for once!

Dora really takes most of the credit for this as she was the instigator and has kept the subject on the Council's agenda!

It was interesting to see Ming Campbell set out his negotiating position for a possible coalition with Labour in the event of a hung parliament showing once again the complete absence of any political principle within the Lib Dems. They are an unholy alliance of right and left wingers fighting for control, the right wingers appear to be in the ascendency, and are happy to make a deal with any side that will give them power, Labour on Scotland and Wales, Tories in Southwark etc!
They accept the inevitable that they will never win a General Election in this country and therefore their whole position is based on horsetrading, apparently even a comittment to PR is not a "dealmaker or dealbreaker"!

When pressed on taking the UK into the Euro, another "dealbreaker". Davey was squirming like a worm on a hook so it looks like that has gone as well!!

Hibs lost 2-0 to Rangers with a couple of Goalkeeping errors from Simon Brown! The truth is the season stands or falls on the CIS CUP Final against Kilmarnock and the Scottish Cup Semi Final against Dunfermline. A Cup win and another Final with UEFA Cup place guaranteed, along with record crowds and 11,000 Season ticket sales would be considered a good season even if we dont make 3rd place. two losses and a failure to get into Europe would be a poor season. I think that it is as simple as that!