Friday, March 16, 2007

Ready for the Cup Final

I am now in Edinburgh for the CIS Insurance Cup Final at Hampen on Sunday. More than 30,000 Hibs fans will be travelling through to Glasgow, my dad and I included and the forecast believe it or not is for snow!!!!! I have copied a picture of Hibs Manager John Collins with the Cup which hopefully he will have for a year after Sunday.

I hear that at the Camberwell Leisure Centre meeting, Lib Dem activists, including failed Brunswick Park candidates, handing out Focus leafles with pictures of Ian Wingfield and I saying that we voted to close the Camberwell Leisure Centre in the last Labour Administration. This follows on from a Lib Dem "spokesperson" repeating the lie in this week's Southwark News that I challenged in the Council Chamber when it was first made by Cllr. Lorraine Zuleta. So once again the same lie is produced obviously based on the idea that if they repeat it enough people will start to believe it! Every time they say it I ask for written evidence or a retraction, and surprise surprise, they have declined to do so!!! They really are a pathetic bunch from a incompetent political party who deserve nothing but contempt!!!!

The election wheels are rolling in Scotland with polling day only a couple of months away. it will clearly be a two horse race between Labour and the Nationalists and I hope that the Scottish electorate know better that to cause an economic crisis in Scotland by putting an SNP Administration in power!!!