Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another murder in Camberwell, Saving Camberwell baths and unveiling the Camberwell War Memorial! Hibs drops points at Falkirk!!

Another young man lost his life in Camberwell this weekend to a knife attack, coming shortly after a man was shot dead in Burgess Park!! In many ways knifes are the real scourge in society today due to the apparently large number of young men carrying them and I am sure that the day will come when police wil be carrying metal detectors as a matter opf course on our streets.
This murder actually happened on the Crawford Estate in my own Camberwell Green Ward so it is especially sickening !

The Council are running campaigns around this but the truth is it really wont make any impact on young men who are living violent destructive lives in our community and for many of them a bleak future as either a victim or a perputrator of exteme violence!!
The Council also has a campaign called "Enough is Enough" which i feel acturately reflects the community's frustration at the levels of serious violent crime in Southwark!!

On Saturday I joined a large crowd of people on a March to the Town Hall to present a signed banner to the Mayor asking the Executive to spend the money required to save Camberwell Leisure Centre. Jenny Agutter was our guest speaker and joined us on the March to present to the Mayor. All in all a fun day and succesful event in the Camberwell sunshine!!!

On Monday I attended the unveiling of the Camberwell War Memorial after many years of effort to get it erected. On the left is a family picture taken months before most of them lost their lives. The baby in the front is Barbara Seaton who was at the unveiling!!
The Guardian covered the story on their online paper at the following:
The Independant also covered the story over the weekend and of course the Southwark News and South london Press have been following the story for some time and gave some excellent coverage so many thanks to both of them!! Bernie and Barbara seaton were clearly overwhelmed by the day and it was great to have them both at the unveiling !!

Interestingly there are also plans to erect a new memorial (picture left) at the site of the Bethnal Green Tube bombing incident where 173 people were killed including 62 children in an air raid on the 3rd March 1943. the new structure will cost £750,000 so our £10,000 memorial seems pretty good value for money!!

Hibs dropped 2 points in an very poor match against Falkirk away on saturday with Clayton Donaldon scoring his first goal for Hibs and then getting sent off before the half time whistle!!!!
I think that after Scotland's exploits last week the whole league was on a bit of a negative reaction and rangers looked especially poor losing 4-2 to Hearts!!
Hibs play Motherwell on Wednesday in the next stage of their CIS Cup defence!!