Thursday, September 27, 2007

Camberwell on the Up? ASBO Capital of Southwark!, Danny "on the mend" and Hibs get dumped!!

There has been some interesting coverage on Camberwell recently suggesting a resurrgence despite a complete lack of interest and investment in Camberwell from the current Lib Dem/Tory Administration and perhaps their "hollowing out"
of Camberwell is working against the flow?
Southwark News is today describing Camberwell as the new Hoxton and the Metro last week reported House price increases of more than a third in Camberwell over the last year, the second highest hike in London, second only to Chelsea!! In fact only a week or so ago Jenny Agutter was telling me how much she prefers Camberwell to Chelsea!!!! Maybe the Camberwell Beauty will return to Camberwell???
I notice some sighnificant investment in some shops in Camberwell, Zara's Kitchen, KFC and a major refurb of the Redstar. We are also in discussions with the owners of the Butterfly Walk Shopping Centre about future investment and the interest of Tesco's !! It really is up to us in Camberwell to harness this interest and energy to make a real difference, despite the total indifference of this Lib Dem/Tory Coalition!!!

The Council released some stats on Community Safety as part of their "Enough is Enough" Campaign which I fully support. As usual I found out about it by being contacted by the press rather than any information sent out to me from the Council!!!
My comments which were reported in today's Southwark News are as follows:

ASBO’s – I am perfectly comfortable with Camberwell being the ASBO “Capital” of Southwark. A number of the ASBO’s in 2006 were targetted a t Street drinkers but I know that others were very successfully used to deal with gangs members and other anti social behaviour on our Estates, especially on the East Dulwich Estate!
We were pleased that the Executive u-turned on naming recipients but to date have done very little to make local people aware of ASBO Recipients exclusion zones!ASBO’s can and do work and I am surprised at the very low levels of ASBO’s in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe despite widely reported problems on the Four Squares Estate and in Russia Dock Woodland?
I am also pleased to see that the Alcohol Control Area in Camberwell is being enforced by very good Safer Neighbourhood Teams operating in Camberwell .
Fixed Penalty Notices – The numbers seem quite bizarre and don’t appear to represent consistent policy being applied by Wardens around the Borough? Again the numbers seem low in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe and it doe appear that the powers available to the Council are not being properly used across the borough.
These powers need to be applied vigorously and consistently to deal with serious anti social behaviour across Southwark and the lukewarm support from this Executive (the Lib Dems are still committed to repealing all of the Labour Government ASB Legislation if they ever were in power(?))!!!
Their lack of commitment to effectively deal with anti social behaviour across the borough is having a real effect as can be seen from these illuminating statistics!!!

Some other good Community Safety news reported this week is the indefintie jailing of the "Commander" of the Peckham Boys gang and the finding of a huge stash of automatic weapons inhis flat!! Good news indeed and very well done to the police!!!

There has been a very positive update on my good friend danny who is now described as "on the mend" by the Hospital which is a much better report than we were getting this time last week so well done Danny and get well soon!!!!

Almost inevitably after Hibs great vistory against Celtic we walked slap bang into a 4-2 home defeat from Motherwell and crept out of the CIS with a whimper!!

From the reports it looked like a good Motherwell played out of their skins and really deserved the win so John Collins does appear to have taken it as just one of those days!!!

it will be interesting to see how we respond in our next game!!!! Perhaps there wil be no trips to hampden this season but i still have the fantastic memories and pictures of last March!!!!


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