Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to the Grind with Mayorla and GLA Elections, a huge Council budget hole and Mixu is new Manager!

I have now returned from a restful break in Edinburgh apart from the Flu which i am now just about over!
We had our first Camberwell branch meeting of the year last night and talked about the GLA and Mayoral Elections in May and we will be working hard in Camberwell to get ourt vote out and to build up our voter id in the 2 Wards so it can be a really positive time for us and alwasy a good time to get new members and to make more existing memebrs active in what is already a thriving and very active Branch.

The Southwark news was full of the budget constraints and the need to find £30M of saving s over the next 2 years. Stanton of course whining on about the fact that it is all this Governments fault or the mayors fault or anyone who is not a Liberal democrat but we will put that all to the test in the Chamber over the next few months. Interestingly Thomas and eckersley dont want to do an executive job anymore so there will be a scramble no doubt amongst the Lib Dem flottsom to secure a nice £45K salary for a couple of years anyway!! The Decent Homes programme is also in a mess as is of course the entire Housing Department after another catastrophic reorganisation so it really is all falling apart for the Coalition but unfortunately Southwark residents will pay the price!

Hibs appointed ex player Mixu Patteleinen as manager after a good spell in Finland and I think that the fans will be happy. Just hope he has time to strengthen the squad in January and stop the rot where they have not won in 11 matches which is real relegation form. Only good things is that hearts form is even worse and they could well find themselves going down which would be a real discrace!! .... but quite funny!


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