Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lib Dem/Tory Exec Scaremongering about Budget, Lib Dem Mayoral candidate Paddick is Embarrassing and Hibs Lose again!

Lib Dem Leader Nick Stanton has used and misused the Press and the Council Web Site to spout out his propoganda whining on about the Government settlement and predicting cuts like closing leisure Centres and massive cuts in social services hitting the elderly and youth projects, always the soft targets for cynical politicians!

His Pravda like rantings on the Council's Web site proporting to be "news" realing show how little respect they have for the democratic process and we can already see in the Council Assembly Agenda stupid motions asking Executive members, especially GLA Candidates, to write letters to themselves criticising the Mayor! It really is quite pathetic!!
The Council is in a real mess with it's finances but of course it is everyone elses fault though I notice toby has had enough and will not be managing the finances after May! The Housing department is is complete meltdown and Senior managers throughout the Council are heading for the Exit faster than the audience at a Ming Campbell speech!

Talking of the Mayoral elections BBC London interviewed all of the main candidates last week and Brian Paddick was an absolute embarrassment! He kept on saying that he was not a politician but I think that we all got that particular message some time ago!

He could not identify a Lib Dem policy if it was tatoooed on his arm and is really just making it up as he goes along including keeping old people off the buses and tubes as they get in the way!!
He kept on getting into a panic when he made some sweeping statment and then was pressed by the interviewer as to whether that was a Policy commitment at which point he went pale and tried to change the subject!!

I had the misfortune to watch Hibs play Hearts on Setanta and saw too really poor sides play out a pretty poor match with us losing by a goal helped by yet another goalkeeping error!

Interesting to see Ian Murray back although David Murphy has gone I am glad he went to Birmingham rather than Celtic!

Hopefully we can get Colin Nish from Killie before the transfer window closes and another central defender would be good. We are now 8th out of 12 after topping the league in October so we really are in relegation form so Mixu needs to trun it around fast or we will not make the top 6 which really would be a disaster for us!
Looks like the Scotland Manager will be named soon and rumours are that Souness in in the pole position?


Brian Paddick Delivers said...

John, I am not sure which interview you were watching but it was not the one with me on BBC London that you are describing. You can accuse me of many things but being a fool aint one of them and suggesting I go pale being interviewed on TV after what I have faced during my police career is laughable. Have you tried wearing glasses and a hearing aid?

Anonymous said...

John, Brian Paddick is right on this one, your description does not fit the interview. Check it out again:


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