Thursday, January 31, 2008

Council Assembly as bad as ever and Hibs face Rangers in the Scottish Cup!

Last night's Council Assembly was a really miserable affiar with the Lib Dem/Tory doing a really crass "softening up" process blaming Government for a harsh settlement ahead of no doubt swinging cuts in leisure centres (including I reckon the closure of Camberwell Leisure Centre!) , ending the wardens scheme and more worrying huge cuts in Youth Service and Social Services care ! They will nowever spend over £2M on Consultants to tell staff where to sit in the new enormously expensive Tooley Street building!

They used Leader's diatribe, questions and motions to build up their "case" for the "slash and burn" that they are going to inflict on the residents of Southwark in a few months.
Of course non of it is their fault, even the huge hole in the decent homes budget, but is of course the Labour government and Labour Mayor's fault for everything! There wer 5 Motions last night on really serious issues which wcould easily have had cross party backing but they conspired to ensure that non of them did and the meeting was a total farce.
What upset me what Stanton's childish approach to politics which after 6 years as Leader shows that he has learned nothing and in fact is getting worse. His incomprehensible ranting is absolutley ludicrous in the extreme and never gets beyond everything good is Lib Dem everything bad is Labour and it really is impossible to deal with him on any rational basis.
In the Decent Homes debate we offered cross party working to come up with a solution and after much waffle finally got the truth out of Kim, he does not trust us to "keep our mouths shut"!!
Well what can you say or do after "leadership" shown by the gruesome twosome like that?
They really are fiddling whilst Southwark burns and god only knows what wreckage we will have to clear up in 2010 when we finally get rid of this pathetic bunch!!

It looks like Hibs have got Colin Nish but perhaps only for next season when we need him now so hopefully a deal can be done to get him now?
We also tried to get Riordan back on loan but were turned down as Celtic want shot of him so we will have to buy! he really should have stayed another year or taken up the offer of going to Spurs as Celtic have once again ruined an exceptional player!
Where is Chris Killen now! He and Riordan top scorers in the SPL with Hibs where are they now?
It is Scottish Cup weekend with us facing Rangers at Easter Road on Sunday. On the face of it and on current form we dont really have much of a chance but I do recall the Cup match 2 yeasr ago when we played them at Ibrox and beat them 3-0 so I suppose it is possible and with some of our injured players back we should at least give them a game?