Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Busy week in the Town Hall, Trip to Ireland and Hibs have Cup Replay with Rangers!

It is a busy week for me at the Town Hall with the Shadow executive and OSC last night, where Borough Commander Malcolm Tillyer discussed the future plans for policing in Southwark. My guess is that the Lib Dems saw an opportunity to make political capital over plans to close 3 stations in the borough but the rationale behind it all of course makes sense and we all agree that consultation on future uses for the buildings including some level of community use is essential!
We have the Camberwell Community Council this evening where we will be saying farewell to Sargeant David Gywther from the Camberwell Green SNT . He has been outstanding and will be sorely missed but I of course wish him well in Greenwich in his new Inspector's role. On Wednesday I Chair the Childrens Services and Education Scrutiny Sub Committee with feedback from early visits to Youth Clubs which I think of all of us have found really positive and useful.

On Thursday there is the Camberwell Branch Labour Party AGM and I think that we can reflect on a very positive year with our campaigning and successes across the two Wards. I am looking forward to a well attended and very positive meeting ahead of the Election Campaign.
I am going to Ireland with my parents and my sister for Easter to visit the family in both the North and South and visit our family's "home" towns of Sligo (in the case of my mothers family) and Longford where my dad was born and which is apparently the home of the Friary Family so it should be interesting? We shall of course see lots of our family in and around Monaghan and have booked a house in the village of Rockorry where many of my family live and which I last visited when I was 8 year old! I intend to sample lots of Guinness over the 5 days!
I watched the Cup game on Setanta on Sunday and was depressed at half time as Hibs were being completley outclassed by Rangers! Only a very on form Ma-Kalamby kept them at bay along with some desperate defending!But talk about a "game of two halves" we controlled the second half and were really unlucky noit to sneak a win. Fletcher and Sheils both were excellent and new boy, Inverness Caley, Rankin also impressed. So a replay to come at Ibrox where we beat them 3-0 two years ago!
I was full of expectation for a Scottish victory against France in the opeing game of the 6 Nations with France making so many changes but could not have been more wrong. It was a good French performance to win 27-6 but a really poor Scottish team and not a lot to look forward to this year it appears which is a shame after a pretty good World Cup only a few months ago?


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Very dissappointed on the CCTV front. We may salvage one camera for the whole of Camberwell and Southampton Way is being asked to give up 10K of Sec 106 to pay for a camera in Peckham. We begged for one on Shampton Way for years. This is really sad.

Ian - Rainbow Strett

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