Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spineless Liberal Democrats and Hibs win 5 in a row!

Southwark News picked up a couple of good stories this week the most unbelievable is the one on the proposed new Fisher stradium in Southwark Park.

When the 9 local Lib Dem Councillors, including the Council Leader Nick stanton, were asked for an opinion 5 were apparently unable to give one!! Talk about spineless!! In fact Stanton was so inept that all he could say was "Hard to comment since I dont know what it is!" Surprising since it was the front page story of the SN last August!!
The SN also reports plans to sell of the Corporate Training Resource Centre at Cator Street one year after spending £1M pounds of public money refurbishing it!! What an appauling waste of our money and this at a time when they have just closed the Livesey for a fraction of that money!!

Hibs 2-0 away win over Falkirk last night was the fifth straight win in the past 3 weeks and has moved them up from 8th in the table to fourth and two points away from the 3rd place UEFA spot!!
A real topsy turvy season with a long unbeaten run at the start followed by a complete collapse and now a long winning run again.
The 3 men pictured Fletcher and new boys Rankin and Nish really are playing well and Ian Murray relly has fitted straight back in and looks as goods as when he left us for Rangers 3 years ago. in truth mixu has them palying with a lot of flair (perhaps a little less than with Collins) but has tightened up the defence and we look an all round stronger and more balanced team and are now favourites for the 3rd place spot. Celtic at home is the next match, dad will be there and I will be watching on Setanta!


Sophie said...


Do you know anything about the closure of Mozarella e Pomodores Italian restaurant? It is a great loss to the Camberwell area and I fear another sign of decline.

Camberwell town centre desperately needs some joined up thinking, I fear we will be left with just betting shops and off licences. Is there no chance of attracting regeneration funds?

Anonymous said...


No I dont know anything about that but will look into it!!

As you say it would be a great loss to Camberwell!!

Thanks for getting in touch!


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