Friday, February 22, 2008

Libs Dem/Tory Coalition set Tory 2006 Budget in 2008!

Wednesday night's Council Assembly of course went as expected with the budget agreed, the Livesey museum to close, Meals on Wheels to increase by 50%, social care removed from the elderly but never mind £2M agreed to pay Consultants to tell us how to move to an expensive new building!!!
Whilst the Lib Dem?Tory line was all about the poor Government settlement the Southwark News cleverly spotted that the budget proposals were very similar to the budget put forward by the tories in 2006!!
As SN writing comments it does make you wonder who is running the Council? We all know of course that the Tory tail is wagging the Lib Dem dog and Southwark Council has for the past 6 years been under Tory control! Well spotted Southwark News!
Best comment of the night goes to Ian Wingfield who said "I have always advocated consensus working but noone has ever agreed with me!" and strangest comment goes to Toby who said that this Government settlement was "the worst in local government history!". I really had to remind him about Margaret "there is no such thing as society!" Thatcher as I really think that he had forgotten about her!!!

I took Shauna and "boyfriend" Oscar to see Pinnochio yesterday for the half term and they behaved well and I sang along with the songs!
The picture is of them on the bus to Catford!

Hibs have their 3rd home game on the trot against Inverness Caley and a third win would really put them back in the running for the 3rd place UEFA spot in the SPL!
Dad's going and a full house expected as it looks as if Hibs have turned the corner?