Friday, February 15, 2008

Lib Dem/Tory Administration use budget scaremongering to speed up the "hollowing out" of Camberwell!

On Tuesday the Executive laid out their cuts proposals after weeks of "softening up" the press including Nick Stanton using Southwark Life completely inapropriately to vent his political spleen !
All the soft targets are there of course including the elderly, disabled and children, a cut in the Wardens with a plan to get HA's to pay for having them cover their area? Hands up those who think that is going to work?
The Livesey wil close and the plans for a Discovery Centre seem as pie in the sky as well Bob Skelly went on about it in the last Administration! Mind you it appears that he will be getting his old Executive job back in May after serving his time for the crime? So that's all right then!
Whilst many of us are working with the local community to encourage investment into Camberwell Leisure Centre Stanton thought it sensible to say that the Centre was top of his list for closure next year! A real boost to the campaign scuppering any chance of a rescue plan! What an idiot!!! This after a Lib Dem Campaign in Brunswick Park not 2 years ago promising full redevelopment!! They have no morality and no shame about anything that they do! They are an embarassment to Southwark!

If that is not bad enough we now hear that the Town Hall will also be sold off stripping pretty much any Council presence out of Camberwell to relocate in Tooley Street! this will have serious consequences for the local economy but as an Executive member reported to us the Lib Dem line is "there are no votes in it for us!" unbelievable and unfortunatley these people are "running" this Council!
Good to know that they will give £2M to consultants to work out how to fit all of the staff into the new offices, money well spent and obviously more important than social care for the elderly!
This selling off the family silver is completely immoral and we will have to take over a Council in chaos and in tooley street when we win in 2010!

They are in for a long night with us next week at Council Assembly but the Lib Dem/Tory deal will no doubt hold firm whilst most of the Lib Dems will sit there in silence putting their hands up when their strings are pulled, a case of lie back and think of the Special Responsibility Allowance! Disgarceful!


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