Monday, March 10, 2008

Nunhead Labour Party Pub Quiz, "Calamity Clegg" in a mess, "tough love" from the Tories and Hibs and Scotland have contrasting fortunes!

I am all ready to done my Quiz Master hat on again this Thursday for the Nunhead Labour Party Pub Quiz in the Nuns Head at 7.30pm.
I have been scouring the internet for enough tricky and obscure questions for the well informed Nunhead Party Members and hope that we can raise lots of funds for the local party.

Hapless Lib Dem Leader Nick "Calamity" Clegg is trying to patch up the damage that he has already inflicted to his ramshakle party last week and it is easy to see why he has been labelled "Cameron Lite" as like Cameron he is a vacuous non-entity making up "policy" on the hoof without a seconds thought and then getting into trouble with his party afterwards! I cant believe he got into a mess over, of all things, Europe! The only hope for the Lib Dems is a hung parliament with them holding sway and to be honest I would rather have to live with a Tory majority than have that lot excercising any power at a national level!! Not that I look forward to a tory government with anything other than absolute horrer especially after hearing Osborne on the Politics Show yesterday talking about "tough love" for welfare recipients and I think we all know what that will mean!
Hibs went out of the Cup Replay 1-0 to Rangers but it looks like another good performance from us with Rangers defending desperately at home in the closing part of the game. Defeats against Celtic and rangers of course are not the problem we need to keep winning the other matches to clinch that 3rd place and a UEFA Cup spot.

Of course the best sporting result of the week was not the FA Cup giantkillers of Barnsley and Cardiff but Scotland's Calcutta Cup Victory against England at Murrayfield!
Not a great game to watch but the result was right and was needed after 3 straight defeats and has done something to salvage Scotland's season!