Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Friary Family trip to Ireland, Sean MacEoin , Hibs and Scotland!

I am now in Edinburgh staying at my parents after spending Easter with them and my sister in County Monaghan visiting our irish family.
I am pictured here in Clones and my dad is by Tea Pot Row in Rockorry where he used to live around 60 years ago and worked on the farms and in the flax mill.It was great to meet lots of family and travel around Monaghan , Longford and Sligo.

I have known for some time about a family member on my mother's side, Willie Angus VC who played for Celtic before winning a VC at Givenchy where he was wounded 40 times rescuing Lt James Martin. He survived and lived to a ripe old age and his VC is in the military museum in Edinburgh Castle.
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I now find that my Grandfather in Ireland was a direct first cousin to General Seon MacEoin the "Blacksmith of Ballinalee", close frind of Micheal Collins and one of the founders of the Irish Free State. The picture here is of Sean MacEoin and Michael Collins at his wedding.
He fought with Collins in the IRA was injured and captured by the
British, tried and sentenced to death for treason in June 1921. In the meantime he was elected to the Second Dail for Longford-Westmeath, released eventually at Collins insistance and nominated Eamonn De Valera for President. During a long political career he was Ministere for Defence and Justice and twice stood for the Irish Presidency against Sean O'Kelly in 1945 and Eamonn De Valera in 1959. He retired from public life in 1965 and died living in the Longford area in 1973. Quite a character! And I thought that I was the first (and best!) politician in the family!! More at
Meeting of the Pro and Anti Treaty officers at the Mansion House, Dublin on 8th. May 1922 (from Left to Right) : Sean MacEoin, Sean Moylan, Eoin O'Duffy, Liam Lynch, Gearóid O'Sullivan and Liam Mellows

Although I watched Monaghan draw with Dublin at Gaelic football, lost at Ibrox against Rangers to drop down to 4th in the SPL they apparently played well enough to go down 2-1 and still look good I think for the 3rd spot!
Scotland play Croatia tonight with George Burley's first game in charge so it will be interesting how they do against a very good Croatian team?