Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lots of OSC, Homeworking Club, Election Campaign begins and a bit of rugby and football!

I attended two OSC Committees yesterday one in the morning on the future of the Potters Field site which took almost 4 hours but I think that we overall agreed with the Council's position and an agreement was signed yesterday with the developers to move the whole thing along. A key element I think is what they describe as a "cultural offer" as I think that something really special could be placed on the site as well as the over expensive penthouse flats which would really complete the South Bank walk from Westminster to Tower Bridge.
At the evening OSC we had an update on Camberwell Baths with expressions of interest from the Development Brief due today. There was over 100 initial enquiries so I hope that we will have a few who will want to progress it to the next stage. we also asked for a re-affirmation from the Executive at the June Meeting for a fully redeveloped Camberwell Leisure Centre including the retention of the Pool so all in all a good days work I think!

I just received some pictures of the Poets Corner Homeworking Club Awards Ceremony which I attended and which is organised by the Educational Alliance Africa and which was a very positive event. I plan to work closely with them in the future to support and develop their work in the area.
Of course the London Mayoral and GLA Elections kick off this week with daily (and nightly!) leafleting and door knocking for the next month! I dread it in the anticipation but enjoy it once we get going so we are geared up to running a full Campaign in Camberwell to return both Ken and Val to office. The alternatives are really all too distressing to contemplate and whenever I feel tired of it all I just have to visualise Boris Johnston as Mayor of London and I am sure that I will be reinvigorated!

I was in Leicester over the weekend and went to the rugby match against London wasps. I was pleased to see the wasps win over the "far too smug for their own good" Tigers with Cipriani, the man of the hour, scoring the decisive try!

Hibs surprisingly lost 1-0 at Motherwell which is a bad result for us as we lose momentum but is not too bad if we get straight back on the horse and beat St. Mirren!
Glad to see Ian Murray sign a 2 year deal for us from Norwich. Has really bucked the trend of players returning to the scene of their former glory and failing (s Kevin Keegan as current example!). He looks back to his best and a Scotland call up may not be that far away again?