Monday, April 07, 2008

Canvassing as the Election Kicks off, the Olympic Torch and Hibs win at home!

After a very busy week in the Town Hall with OSC's and Council Assemblyand a couple of DA Interviews, the London Mayoral/GLA Election Campaign kicked of in earnest with the Camberwell Green Team out and about in the Ward. On Saturday Val Shawcross joined us for another really positive session on our big Estates. We are getting a great response on the Elmington, Crawford and Wyndham and Comber Estates, to be honest rather better than I expected.

At Council Assembly Paul Bates launched into a really scathing attack on Kim Humphries stewardship of the Housing Department and in particular the 100 Days of Change!
I spotted this unbelievable example of mismanagement in Weyhill House on Saturday when apparently putting the correct signs up on the right floor was just too much for Housing to do properly! What an embarassment!! What a shambles!!

The Olympic Torch procession through London yesterday was a bit scambolic with protestors successfully disrupting the event. I actually dont have a problem with the protestors and even thought that trying to put the flame out with fire extinguishers was quite clever but my support ends with violence especailly aimed at people who have nothing to do with the politics so I dont have any time for the idiot who tried to grab the torch from Connie Haq's hand !
I see that Calamity Clegg is calling for a a boycott of the opening ceremony but I woinder if he has Nike trainers or is he now boycotting all chinese goods personally!! I suspect not! what a hypocrite! Typical Lib Dem headline chasing with no firm policy and only vacuous pontifications, talk about "Cameron Lite"!

Hibs won again at home beating St Mirren 2-0 and I suppose the best part of it was the excellent goalkeeping performance of reserve keeper Andy McNeil who pulled off some great saves in the second half!
Picture is off Zemmama's fantastic strike to put us 2-0 after 5 minutes and after Nish's equally brilliant 4th minute 25 yard lob of the St Mirren Keeper!
At the moment it is all going well and of course really good news is that Hearts will fail to be in the top six for the firsat time since the split came in!