Friday, April 18, 2008

Bonkers Boris and Calamity Clegg is a Tory!!

On the Mayoral campaign trail poor old Boris is completely paranoid about being caught out saying stupid things and guess what he is right! Just look at this You Tube Site!:

Boris in action!

The Lib Dems are of course in complete disarray as Clegg moves them further towards the "right wing" Orange Book dictates and it now is clear that he was in fact a young tory, and we all know what young tories are like!!
No wonder Paddick has decided that it is best to make up policy on the hoof even when in complete opposition to "official" Lib Dem policy! His interview on the Politics Show on Sunday really did show him up as the interviewer had to repeatedly remind him that his "policies" were not in line with official Lib Dem ones but he did not seem to be that bothered and his poll rating continues to bump along the bottom at 10%!
The Tory/Lib Dem Alliance in Southwark may really be a sign of things to come as it really is becoming harder to pick out where the Lib Dems start and the Tories begin?

Campaigning in Camberwell Green goes on a pace and we have had a really positive response from members comintg out to help and when we are on the knocker, in fact our level of support appeasr to be very similar now to what it was in 2006, dopwn to good organisation and hard work so it really is a positive experience and really enjoyable for all of us doing the work on the ground!