Thursday, April 24, 2008

We enter the last week of the Mayoral/GLA Election with Ken leading in the Polls for the first time and Paddick floundering on single figures, the Lib Dems facing the inevitable squeeze between the 2 major parties!
We are still campaigning full on in Camberwell Green Ward out most evenings leafleting and canvasing to a very good response. We have a really good Street stall on Saturday, so positive that we are doing it again this Saturday (after my Surgery and getting home in time for the Man Utd. Vs Chelsea match at 1pm!)
I am really enjoying it but cant wait til it's over!!

Southwark News gave us some good coverage today especially on the OSC item on Consultants and the
Exec plan to spend £2.5M on Consultants to tell us where to rearrange the deckchairs on the Tooley Street Titanic!
Their editorial and accompanying cartoon was also critical in a year when a Children's Museum was closed by this disgraceful Lib Dem/Tory Administration!
Talking about moving deckchairs on the Titanic they also report a lot of movement on the Executive with people in, out and a fair bit of shaking it all about ! best quote was from my Glorious Leader, Peter John, who said that Nick Stanton was was "trying to find people who can walk and talk at the same time" to fill the £50K positions! I dont think he is quite going to manage it?
Hibs go into the last 4 games of the season against Aberdeen and Celtic away and Rangers and Motherwell at home and I think really need 9 points to get the 3rd spot over Motherwell (even although their meeting is a "6 pointer"!. Bad news is that Zemmama, finding real form at the moment, broke his foot on a training match and is out for the rest of the season!
We have expressed an interest in the Intertoto Cup so there may be another more tortuous route but the 3rd place is the key for a UEFA Cup place so we need to get it!