Monday, July 07, 2008

An Irish Festival without Guinness,another Boris appointee goes under a cloud, and Hibs lose opening game of the season!

I went along to the Southwark Irish Festival which was dampened by the mixed weather but mainly by not having an Alcohol Licence due to putting in the application one day late! Nevertheless there was good music and I met up with my cousin and his friend, a local Catholic Priest and we drank some Guinness with a lovely Thai meal in Nunhead! It was interesting to have a look around Peckham Rye Park as the Scrutiny Chair looking at it's current usage. I tried to go into the cafe but it was packed with a long queue so I made do with tea from one of the stalls.
Ray Lewis became the second Boris appointee to go after only 2 months in office! Boris is no fool but he is looking like more and more of a lightweight and a potential liability for Cameron with 2 years to go until an election. Apparently there will not be an inquiry as Boris think that will be "a waste of tax payers money" Well that's all right then!! This is an administration of no interviews, no inquiries, no debate just a bunch of Tory suits striding around City Hall being rude and threatening to people apparently! Clearly a perfect model of a Cameron Tory Government?
Hibs Intertoto adventure seems to have come to a sudden end with a whimper as they went down 2-0 to Swedish opponents Elfsborg at home (I even persuaded my dad to go!). The reports are that Hibs were quite dreadful and nowhere near match fit and an Elfsborg team, midway through their season, ran them into the
ground and we were lucky to get away with a two goal defeat! It is a worrying sign that Hibs just don't have a strong enough squad for the new season so I hope more signings are around the corner or the Barcelona game could be embarrassing! Van Zanden looks like the only new player in to date with Yantorno still fit from his injury.