Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where has the £6.8M gone?, OSC (inc. Camberwell Leisure Centre update) and the Southwark LGBT, the Zutons and Hibs go out of the Intertoto!

Peter John, leader of the Southwark Labour Group rightly asks in today's Southwark News "where has the money gone?" We have to put up with the tedious rants from Nick Stanton about how this horrible Labour government is not giving him enough money but he has been strangely quiet on the Labour Government announcement two weeks ago that and extra £6.8M was being given to Southwark principally intended for business development. Why then, no announcement at last week's Council Assembly, no Press Release, no member briefing?? The Labour Group will press Stanton hard for his plans to spend this money that could make a real difference in the deprived centre of the borough where employment and economic development come at a premium and where local jobs are desperately needed by local people!!
I had an OSC Meeting which gave a positive update on Camberwell Leisure centre from new Exec Member Tory Lewis Robinson, who seems to be genuinely trying to get a deal together for the refurbishment of the Centre including keeping the Pool and is much brighter and much more trustworthy than any of his Lib Dem colleagues so we have to wait and see if he is genuine when he takes a final Report to the Exec probably in October?
I was also invited to the Southwark LGBT Forum in the week as the subject was Community Safety and was very impressed at the well run and focused meeting with very knowledgeable members and local residents alike! An excellent meeting and a very impressive group!!

I went with Alison and Ashwin to see the Zutons at Somerset House this week and it was a great gig with an on form group and a fantastic venue! More pictures on my Facebook!

Hibs fell at the first fence in the Intertoto going down 2-0 (4-0 aggregate!) to Elfsborg FC from Sweden (currently 2nd in their League)....not a very encouraging start!!
Now a hard few weeks with Barcelona at Murrayfield (wonder if new signing from Arsenal Alexander Hleb will play?) and two friendlies against Premiership opposition in Middelsborough and Wigan.
Ma-Kalamby is off to the Olympics with Belgium (who can blame him really?) so a few goalkeeping problems over then next month! Still no news on the future of Fletcher and Benji and new boy Keenan still trialling so no decision there either! Mixu seems keen to get shot of many of John Collins signings but no real indication of players coming in so we do seem a bit short? Hopefully we will see some new blood coming in over the next month?