Friday, July 25, 2008

A bad night in the East End of Glasgow, week at Wivenhoe, Camberwell Labour Party Barbeque, Hibs thumped by Barca and "we're off to see the Wizard.."

A really bad night at the Bye-Election and the BBC reported it as follows:
"The Scottish National Party has pulled off a stunning by-election victory by winning Glasgow East, one of Labour's safest seats, by 365 votes.
The SNP overturned a Labour majority of 13,507 to win with a swing of 22.54%.The SNP polled 11,277 votes in the contest, while the Tories came third with 1,639 and the Lib Dems, with 915 votes, came fourth."
I really dont get was is up with people voting Tory and even worse SNP but there is a momentum building up that we have to put a stop too or people will "sleep walk" their way to a Tory Governmnet and even an Independant Scotland, neither of which I truly believe the population of the UK really want!
I really felt that we could hold on to Glasgow East and it is a really bad result for us! The SNP are a real danger to democracy in this country and all parties should be united in doing whatever it takes to stop them!! Always good to see the Lib Dems do so badly!!
I spent most of the week at the rather splendid Wivenhoe House Hotel Just outside Colchester running a 4 day Health & Safety Course for Managers at the University of Essex and the Campus University of Suffolk. all went well but weather a bit too warm for a training course and strange to see lots of rabbits hopping around outside my bedroom window each morning!
May be doing something similar for Bath University soon?

Got back in time to put the record button on for the Hibs Vs Barcelona match and get off to the Camberwell Labour Party Summer Barbecue in the gardens of St. Giles.
It was a lovely evening and we have a really good relationship with the members and get out together more and more. CLP Quiz night next Thursday with yours truly as Quiz Master so I need to get my thinking cap on next week and trawl the net for good questions!

Actually Hibs were 1-0 down before I even had time to get out of the flat with Gudjohnson scoring after 4 minutes and when I got back I found out that a further 5 had gone in for a 6-0 final score!
My dad, sister and nephews were all there and my sister sent a few pics back so a good day had by all but a really shocking performance from Hibs albeit against one of the best teams in the world!
Barcelona were unbelievably good for their first competitive game of the season but it was suggested that the incentive of impressing a new Coach was also very strong! Messi (above) was outstanding and was the named Man of the Match. It really was a "man against boys" situation 4-0 down at half time and only the fact that the second team came out for the second half and the fact that they clearly dropped down a few gears to save further embarrassment saved us from an even worse score! I cant imagine that we learned anything useful from the exercise and I am really concerned that we have seriously dropped back in terms of quality from where we were 2 years ago! lots of players moved on and very few coming in and I really dont think that we are even a top 6 side at the moment. It will be interesting to see how we do against Middlesborough and Wigan as last season we beat Boro and Bolton before going onto a 10 game unbeaten run to put us at the top of the SPL. That seems a very long way off at the moment!! Oh dear it could be a long hard season!!!

I am taking Shauna to see the Wizard of Oz at the Royal Festival Hall tomorrow and probably going to see Wall E as well on Sunday. We are off to Broadstairs again the weekend after!
Will be good to see the RFH after it's lottery make-over and of course Oz is much more my thing rather than the HSM of a couple of weeks ago! Oliver to come in the new year as well!!