Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The death of Councillor Anne Yates, London 2012 Visits Camberwell and Hibs score first goal in Inverness!

We all had very sad news over the weekend on hearing of the death of Councillor Anne Yates. Apparently it all happened very quickly so took us all by surprise.
Anne was a very committed local activist and Ward Councillor. Not very "political" and would probably been a Labour member if she had lived further south in the Borough. I always got on very well with her as a Councillor an a fellow Scot so my thoughts are with her very close family and friends, we will miss her!
Well the Beijing Olympics ended with Team GB's best medal haul for a Century, 19 Gold, 13 Silver and 15 Bronze, 47 in Total and a very creditable 3rd in the Medals Table behind China,USA and Russia!
The News this morning reported cash injections of over £20Million in all of the key sports of Athletics, Sailing, Rowing and Cycling and it seems to have paid off?
The success of Team GB is a real boost to the 2012 Campaign and I am sure will carry public support all the way through to 2012! I cant wait!

We had a really nice event in Camberwell Green to welcome London becoming the Host City and after Boris grappled with the Olympic Flag we raised our own London 2012 Flag in Camberwell Green.

The real highlight of the day was my friend Ian
Wingfield sprinting away (Usiah Bolt like!) to win the Councillor Handicap against stiff Tory/Lib Dem Coalition forces!!
Ian's heroic win will not be forgotten in the months and years ahead so I salute him!! Well Done Ian!!
Hibs managed to score in against Inverness for the first time on Saturday and took a point in an entertaining game. Whilst not at full throttle Hibs are improving and Nish in particular is really finding the sort of form he had at Kilmarnock.
I will be at Easter Road on Saturday with dad to see Hibs take on Motherwell which will be a good test of how they are improving against a very well organised 'Well!